Command Set/Change Permissions Recursively Only to Directories and Sub-directories but Not to Files on Mac Linux Unix

Open a Terminal window and Execute:

find path/To/Root/Directory -type d -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 755


Set/Change Permissions Only to All Files Recursively but Not to Directories Mac Linux Unix

Open a Terminal window and Execute:

find path/To/Root/Directory -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chmod 744


How To Set hooks/post-receive in Git Bare Repository for Automated Live Deployed

Create a hooks/post-receive and make it Executable:

cd path/To/YourDomain.git
touch hooks/post-receive
chmod +x hooks/post-receive
nano hooks/post-receive

Insert something like the Code below:

How to Deploy Local Domain to Remote Server with Git

On the Local Start to make your Git Repository:

cd yourDomain
git init
git add .
git commit -m "initial commit"

On the Remote Server login by Command Line into your ssh Account. Execute:

git init --bare path/To/yourDomain.git

To the Local Add the Remote Origin:

Rails Data Types List and MySQL Correspondents for ActiveRecord Migrations

Rails Migration Symbol MySQL Data Type
:binary blob
:boolean tinyint(1)
:date date

Gimp Installing save-for-web Plugin on Mac OS X

Simply Download this Precompiled plugin:


You will Need to Register and Login Before Download the Plugin

Untar and Put it into:

  • /Applications/

Then Restart the Gimp and you should find the Presence:

File -> Save for web :)

Drupal6 Installing SyntaxHighlighter Plugin for CKEditor

  1. Download the Current SyntaxHighlighter Library from:

    Unzip the archive Into:

  2. Download the Syntaxhighlight Plugin from:


Drupal 7 Disabling User Registration and Login

Here I will Outline how to precisely Disable User's Registration and Login it take 3 steps:

  1. Remove User Login Block Structure -> Blocks Disable "User Login"
  2. Disable User Registration Configuration -> Account Settings -> Registration Set "Administrator only"
  3. Remove the Login and Register link from Template Top Navigate to RootDomain/themes/yourTheme Edit style.css Find "#authorize" and Add <pre>{position: absolute; left: 5000px}</pre>

Macports can not install Lua patch fail Mac Os X

If your lua port installation failed with a message or error containin something like below:

"patch Warning: the following items did not execute (for lua): org.macports.activate org.macports.patch"

  1. $ sudo port selfupdate
  2. $ sudo port install lua +universal

Drupal Required Date API Node_import

It's named Date API but it Sound simply Date in Drupal Vocabulary :)
The Date API is Contained in the Date Module...

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