iPhone 4s Setup Enable Bluetooth Connection with Mac Os X

iPhone 4s Setup

iPhone 4s Home

Select Settings



iPhone 4s Home

Select General


iPhone 4s Personal Hotspot Grayed Out Enable

If you find "Personal Hotspot" Grayed Out that's because you have "Cellular Data" Turned OFF.


Settings -> General -> Network -> Cellular Data = On


VMWare Windows 7 Virtual Machine Audio Not Working

To Solve this Issue you need only to Install the VMWare Tools!

On VMWare: Virtual Machine -> Install VMWare Tools

You are running VMware Player via an incompatible hypervisor.

This Warning come from the Fact you are trying to Run a Nested Virtual Machine.

  1. To Run a VMWare VM Inside a Virtual OS you need the Host Player to be of VMWare Family.
  2. To Set the Guest Virtual Machine for Running Successfully inside a Virtual OS you need to Adjust:
    Virtual Machine -> Settings or edit the .vmx file
    like Outlined in this Doc: http://communities.vmware.com/docs/DOC-8970

Drupal 6 Howto Change Custom favicon

First you need save your file in Windows .ico format, if you use Photoshop look to this Tip:

Save File in .ico Format on Photoshop for Mac

Save File in .ico Format on Photoshop for Windows

Next you navigate in your Browser to this Cliché:


How to Add ssh Key to list of Authorized Keys

This little Guide tell you how to Put a New Entry between the Authorized Keys List.

First you need an already Existing Key or to Generate a New SSH Key.

To Upload the Key to the Server you need the ssh Access Password that usually is the Same as the ccpanel one.

After on Unix like Systems you can use rsync to Upload it with:

Curl download withredirection-redirect-redirected-dynamiclink file

When you have a Download URL with Dynamic link Redirection as that of Wordpress:


And you want to Downlod Wordpress directly into your Remote Server you can use Curl with the --location Option like here below:

curl --location http://domainName/fileName 2> /dev/null > fileName

(The 2> Option Serve to Redirect the stdError Output to /dev/null)

Example to download the latest Wordpress Release:

Drupal 6 Set the Default Number and Length of Posts on Home/Front-page

To Change the Default Number and Length of Posts Displayed on Home Page go on Browser to:


Drupal 6 CCK Getting-Started - Adding a New Content Type

To Get Started Adding some New Content Types go on your Browser to this Address:

http://yourDomain/?q=admin/content/types/add (http://yourDomain/admin/content/types/add if you have Clean URLs Enabled)

Druap CCK Add Content Type

Drupal 6 CCK Getting-Started - Installing Stuff

To Begin your CCK Training you need to Install some Stuff on you System.

You are needing the Following Drupal Modules:

  1. Content Construction Kit
  3. Chaos Tool Suite
  4. Panels

You need to put all the Downloaded Content on:

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