Drupal 6 Remove Read More from Posts

You have At Least two Choices:

  • To Remove "Read More" from Every Post, Go in your Browser to Address:


    Select Unlimited from "Length of Trimmed Posts"

Drupal 6 Remove Authoring from Posts

To Change the Default Settings for Every Theme Go in your Browser to:


Uncheck box Story.

Thunderbird Export/Import Mail Accounts on Mac OSX and Linux

This Guide follow the Mac OS Directory Structure and to Work in Linux you need to make the Change: /Users/ -> /home/

And perhaps to look Elsewhere for the Profiles Directory Location...

  1. Find the Folder Containing the Stuff to Transfer.

    Open a Terminal Command Window and execute:

    ls  ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles

    If you have an Ouput containing '.default' you have Found the Directory to Back-up...

    If not the Folder should be Located in:

Evernote Not Updating/Syncing Changes in Note Body on Mac OS X

If you Try to Insert some Content in your Notes but after you doesn't Get Any Result at All and your Note Remain always Blank or Virgin then you should have an Incorrect Permissions Setting on Evernote Temporary Folder.

To Correct this on Mac OS X you take a Look to:

Evernote -> Help -> Activity Log

There you Should find Noted something like: 'ERROR: Failed to create XML writer for file'.

Next you will See also the PATH to the FILE Evernote is Trying to Create like:

Repair Permissions Ownership Recursively on MacOSX, Linux, Unix

If you want to Repair Permissions Ownership over an Entire Directory you can follow this Guide:

  1. Open Terminal
  2. Login as the SuperUser:

  3. Recursively Change Files Ownership:

    find USERNAME -type f -print0 | xargs -0 chown USERNAME:staff
  4. Recursively Change Directories Ownership:

Drupal 6 Howto Setup Custom Breadcrumbs

This is the Address to insert in your Browser to Get 'Custom Breadcrumbs' Settings:


Gimp Howto Install Plugins on Mac OS X

First your need to Find and Download a Pre-compiled and Ready-made Plugin or the Source to Compile on Mac.

Next you have to Know the Right Location where to Put your Stuff.

For Leopard, Snow Leopard and Lion follow:

  • Leopard, Snow Leopard:

    /Library/Application Support/Gimp/plug-ins


Drupal 6 Remove/Disable Authoring from Posts

Go in your Browser to this Address:


Drupal 6 Removing Authoring Set -> Display Post Information

Starting Gimp on Mac OS X Lion

The Gimp can Manifest on Lion an Hard 'First Time' Booting...

If so also for You follow this Guide:

  1. You need the root Account Enabled
  2. Open a Terminal Window
  3. Login as root:


    Insert the root password

  4. Start X11:


    Wait until X11 has started.

Generate a SSH Key

The Command for Creating a New SSH Key:

ssh-keygen -t dsa

Next you need to give it the Right Permissions:

chmod 600 .ssh/id_dsa

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