Thunderbird Export/Import Mail Accounts on Mac OSX and Linux

This Guide follow the Mac OS Directory Structure and to Work in Linux you need to make the Change: /Users/ -> /home/

And perhaps to look Elsewhere for the Profiles Directory Location...

  1. Find the Folder Containing the Stuff to Transfer.

    Open a Terminal Command Window and execute:

    ls  ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles

    If you have an Ouput containing '.default' you have Found the Directory to Back-up...

    If not the Folder should be Located in:

    ls  ~/Library/Application\ Support/Thunderbird/Profiles
  2. Back-up your Archive with:

    zip -r ~/ ~/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/STRING.default
  3. Copy the Profile to his New Location:

    cp ~/ path/To/New/Transfer

    (Thereafter we suppose the Final Destination will be in the Default Thunderbird Profile Location)

  4. Unzip:

    unzip /Users/USERNAME/Library/Thunderbird/Profiles/
  5. Edit the profile.ini file:

                    nano /Users/USERNAME/Library/Thunderbird/profiles.ini
  6. Change IsRelative and Path to look like:

  7. Restart Thunderbird and you Should Find the Mail Accounts there :)

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