Drupal6 Installing SyntaxHighlighter Plugin for CKEditor

  1. Download the Current SyntaxHighlighter Library from:


    Unzip the archive Into:

  2. Download the Syntaxhighlight Plugin from:


    Copy the ckeditor-syntaxhighlight/plugins/syntaxhightlight Folder Into:

  3. Edit the sites/all/modules/ckeditor/ckeditor.config.js file and Insert/Change the highlighted lines:

    Add syntaxhighlight on the Line Beginnig for: config.extraPlugins

    config.extraPlugins = 'syntaxhighlight';


    //Toolbar definition for Advanced buttons
    Drupal.settings.cke_toolbar_DrupalAdvanced = [


    Insert 'Code' Into:

    ['DrupalBreak', 'DrupalPageBreak', 'Code']


    //Toolbar definition for All buttons
    Drupal.settings.cke_toolbar_DrupalFull = [


    Insert 'Code' Into:

    ['DrupalBreak', 'DrupalPageBreak', 'Code']

    The Essential thing to take into account After you make all settings is clearly Specified on ckeditor.config.js file:

     WARNING: Clear the browser cache after you modify this file.
     If you do not do this, you may notice that the browser is ignoring all your changes.
  4. Make Setup of the Ckeditor Module Advanced Role, go on Browser to this URL:


    Select -> "Editor appearance"

    Check-In the Plugin:

  5. Load the Fulll CKeditor Toolbar sample:

  6. Last Give the Right Admin Roles Permissions on:


Enjoy! :)ds

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