Drupal 6 Rules Module Getting Started

  1. Need to install the Rules module
  2. Go in your Browser to Address:


    or if you have Clean URLs enabled


    You are in the Section "Triggered rules" where you can set your Custom Rules. You find there also two Rules Example. More you can Perceive two Sections: Active and Inactive.

  3. To Activate/Deactivate your Rules:


    • Open your Rule Clicking on the Label Name under the Inactive Section
    • Click on "Rule Settings"
    • Check/Uncheck the "This rule is active and should be evaluated when the associated event occurs." Box Drupal Activate/Deactivate Rules
  4. To Add/Activate your New Rule complete these Steps:

    • Click on "Add a New Rule"
    • Insert a "Label" and Select an "Event"
    • Click on "Save changes"
    • Click on "Add a Condition"
    • Select a Condition
    • Click on "Next"
    • Complete the Condition
    • Click on "Save"
    • Click "Add an Action"
    • Select an Action
    • Click on "Next"
    • Complete the Action
    • Click on "Save"
    • After your Rule should be Active and Working.)

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